Ferny Grove Driving Lessons

After just one lesson - you will notice the difference!

Manual driving lessons in Ferny Grove

Automatic driving lessons in Ferny Grove

Our instructors bring great knowledge of your local driving conditions and of course, the challenges of being a learner driver.

We can help whether you are just starting out, returning to driving after a break or perhaps feeling a little underprepared for your upcoming practical driving test?

Take the pressure off yourself and those around you by knowing we can calmly teach you all the essential driving skills, manoeuvres and road rules in a safe, patient and professional environment.

We attract many local residents, students, employees and (interstate and international) visitors requiring a Queensland driving licence from right across the Ferny Grove area.

Every day we deliver driving lessons to students across all walks of life and ages from school students, trades apprentices and university students – part-time and full-time employees – even retirees – we can help you achieve your goals!


Local Ferny Grove schools and features include Ferny Grove High School, Ferny Grove Station, Ferny Grove Shopping Centre, Brisbane Tramway Museum and Keperra Picnic Grounds.

A few Ferny Grove driving and traffic situations you could expect to encounter during your driving lesson aside from a busy arterial road and the rolling terrain includes:

Arbour Street (divided road, intersections, railway crossings, traffic lights, turning lanes)

Kirikee Street (intersections, narrow, residential, winding)

McAlroy Road (divided road, residential, turning lanes)

McGinn Road (crossings (pedestrian), intersections, residential, retail, road furniture, school zones)

McGregor Way (divided road, residential, roundabouts, winding)

Selkirk Crescent (narrow, residential, roundabouts, winding)

Upper Kedron Road (divided road, playgrounds, traffic lights, turning lanes, winding, undulating)

We offer all Ferny Grove student’s flexible driving lesson and driving test arrangements such as meeting you before or after school or work at home, school, work or other nearby location e.g. transport link (bus stop, train station), your work or sports ground, etc.

EXACTO Driving School for manual and automatic driving lessons in Ferny Grove

Hourly Lessons

You are just starting out, wanting to maintain momentum or nearing your logbook 100 hours requirement – there are a variety of lessons to match your schedule!

My Lesson 60

Possibly your first driving lesson or your schedule is tight, or you want to quickly brush-up on a few driving skills or manoeuvres with an instructor?

My Lesson 90

Working with your instructor this slightly longer lesson will allow you to further develop your driving skills, experience and confidence

My Lesson 120

Over two-hours you can really work on your program and accelerate the development of your driving skills, experience and confidence.
Choose from a wide choice of lessons and times slots to suit your schedule!