Our Terms & Conditions

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At EXACTO Driving School (EXACTO) we endeavour to make our terms, conditions and policies easy to understand with our plain English approach. This section covers key topics such as our Pricing Policy, Cancellation of Lessons, Lesson Booking and Payments, and Privacy Policy.

Pricing Policy

The value of prepaid lessons are based upon the price at time of purchase and subject to an expiry period from the time of purchase of a maximum of period of 12 months. Individual hours, packages and other special offers may vary in price and have a lessor expiry period. Such that all purchases not redeemed before their expiry date, shall forfeit their remaining value.

Unless stated otherwise the following standard expiry periods shall apply:

Individual hours                       1 month

Special offers                              2 month (maximum)

Lesson pack (five hours)       6 months

Lesson pack (ten hours)      12 months


Special Offers, Discounts and Incentives

EXACTO reserves the right to introduce and withdraw special offers, etc from time to time without notice.  In particular, we may promote ‘introductory’ offers which are implicitly and explicitly limited to new learner driver students and are not able to be used in conjunction with any other offers nor are they transferable.

Lesson Booking and Payment

To guarantee your lesson booking requires 36 hours notice prior to the start of the lesson and cleared payment into EXACTO’s nominated bank account via the students online direct payment or card facility.

Cash payments are only accepted by special arrangement with EXACTO and/or your Instructor and must be made in full prior to the commencement of the lesson.

Specific Requirement

Whether booking or participating in a single lesson or multiple lessons, at all times, it is the explicit responsibility of every student to hold a current and valid drivers licence as recognised by the State of Queensland.

To commence a driving lesson or related activity a student must hold a current and valid licence which includes but is not limited to a Queensland Learner Drivers licence, or an interstate Australian or New Zealand equivalent.

For other licences and licence types from other jurisdictions students are required to make their own enquiries with Queensland Department of Main Roads and Transport.

You and Your Instructor

EXACTO acts as a facilitator between you and your driving Instructor by marketing driving lessons and providing related support activities e.g. website, etc.

In this regard your Instructor is a sub-contractor and carries the appropriate motor registration, insurances, etc should you be involved in an incident as a learner driver such as a collision while in ‘control’ of the Instructor’s vehicle. As the responsible driver you may be required to pay any insurance ‘excess’ arising from such an incident.

While driving an Instructor’s vehicle during a lesson or related activity you are liable for any traffic infringements (via statutory declaration) incurred during your lesson.

Transferability of Lessons

You are not permitted to on sell or transfer lessons which have been purchased in your name to any other person other than package lessons  which may be split between immediate family members residing at the same residential address.

Rescheduling or Cancellation of Lessons

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your lesson or other scheduled activity then a minimum notice period of 24 hours is required. Cancellations are only deemed effective from the time and date of acknowledgement of your intention by either EXACTO and/or your Instructor.

If you do not provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellations you will be charged the full rate of the affected lesson or activity.

Driving tests require an additional cancellations notice period of 3 working days for weekday driving tests and 7 working days for weekend tests.

Occasionally your Instructor may need to amend the scheduled start time or worst case cancel a lesson. However, they will endeavour to do so within the 24 hour minimum notice period. They will also arrange to reschedule your lesson to the next earliest available time and day according the affected students availability.

Refund Policy

You may cancel your pre-paid lesson at any time subject to the Cancellation of Lessons terms and conditions.

All vouchers and gift cards have no cash value and can only be redeemed against a lesson.

In relation to any ‘Special Offers, Incentives, etc’ no refund will be applicable after the first lesson has commenced. Similarly, if you have taken a lesson(s) from a ‘Lesson Package’ you will not be eligible for a refund for any lessons not taken.

At the sole discretion of EXACTO and/or your Instructor refunds may be available under ‘special circumstances’ and subject to proof via appropriate documentation, etc.

Refunds may take up to 7 working days to process and are subject to a 25% administration fee being applied to the amount.

Insurance Coverage Etc

Driving Instructors typically hold a range of insurances which may provide some level of protection to instructors and students alike during driving lessons and related activities e.g. driving tests.

During driving lessons when the student is in primary control of the vehicle i.e. the drivers seat students may be covered under the policies held by their Instructor in the case of an incident e.g. vehicle crash.

General Liability

Regardless, students are both implicitly and explicitly liable for any damage or other matters incurred during their driving lesson. This liability includes but is not limited to causing damage to their instructors vehicle, damage to other vehicles, persons or property, and all traffic infringements.

While an insurance policy may provide some level of coverage for the student during a lesson or incident (other than a traffic infringement), their coverage may be less than 100% due to policy terms and conditions or limitations e.g. motor vehicle general and age related excesses.

Privacy Policy

EXACTO and its Instructors respect the privacy of all prospective, current and former students and in particular, undertake to not distribute or make use of any personal details to third parties of said students without prior consent. (Please refer to our Privacy Policy section for more details.)